6 Things You Must Do While in Chile

Are you planning a grand adventure visiting Chile? You will have the time of your life exploring this beautiful mountainous area surrounded by the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The breathtaking backdrop makes the incredible medieval architecture a remarkable sight.

You can spend days in Chile and still not see everything there is to see. Naturally, you will want to see all the major sites, but deciding which ones you have to include in your itinerary is a difficult task. If you want to get the most out of your trip, here are the six things you must do while in Chile.

  1. Take a Tour

Begin by booking one of the free walking tours of Santiago. Tourists will learn about the history of Santiago and the unique culture while on a city tour of Santiago. This is an excellent way to learn more about Chile. For example, you will hear all about the coffee culture and even get an opportunity to visit the hipster district of Santiago, the Lastarria neighborhood.

  1. Spend Time at Cerro San Cristobal

Cerro San Cristobal is an awe-inspiring place that you must visit while in Chile. It provides visitors with astounding hilltop views of Chile and places to exercise, relax, and eat meals under the sun. With a great amount of green space, a zoo, and public swimming pools, this park is a must-see location.

  1. Shop the Local Markets

No visit to Chile is complete until you spend some time shopping at the local markets. While you should watch your pockets, the markets are still excellent places to truly experience Chilean culture. Plan to buy some of the fresh fruit and vegetables to support the locals.

  1. Explore Pablo Neruda’s Home

Pablo Neruda’s legacy is a major part of Chilean culture. He is honored and revered as though he were a king. When you visit Chile, you should anticipate the pride the people of Chile have for the deceased famous poet. His home has been turned into a museum that welcomes tourists. But, do not expect any ordinary museum. Neruda’s distinct taste have been persevered and put on full display in the Neruda Museum.

  1. Visit the Chile Pre-Colombian Art Museum

You should also make time to visit the Chile Pre-Colombian Art Museum to see its ample collection of artwork and artifacts that range about 10,000 years. This museum is located in Chile’s capital city, Santiago.

  1. Drink Chilean Wine

Make it a point to drink some Chilean wine. Chile’s most popular wine is Carménère. This rich red wine is featured on every menu. Plus, several other Chilean drinks use Camenere as a base. For example, the Borgana punch is made with strawberries and this red wine. This refreshing sangria-like drink is prefect for hot days.

As you head off on your Chilean adventure, make sure you book one of the Strawberry Tours in Santiago. The insider knowledge you will gain will only make your trip more special.

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