A Way to Conquer Writer’s Block

When I’m faced with writer’s block I have found that the best approach is to turn my back upon it.  This doesn’t mean I stop writing.  Instead, it means I try writing about something totally removed from the current project.  I find it can best be accomplished with a brief change of scenery and environment.  So I take advantage of a Groupon promo code  to get a room at a comfortable Motel 6 where I usually stay for a weekend.  I find this to be the perfect tonic since it gets me away from familiar surroundings and gives me a chance to rest.

These little “creative breaks” as I like to all them, may consist of going no further than a few miles from my usual haunts.  (Although I often like to stay someplace where the actual atmosphere and surroundings are a change from my regular surroundings.)  The main purpose is to go someplace where I don’t have to worry about home maintenance and upkeep, and where I can find good service, a good meal and comfortable setting to relax and compose my thoughts.  I just like to sit in the motel lounge or lobby and watch others go by, talk with the staff, and enjoy the activity taking place outside.  Many times I will go for a walk around the neighborhood and soak up the atmosphere.

I rarely try to do any writing on the subject I am currently working on during these breaks.  But I will still write.  I may try composing verses that describe people’s thoughts as I hear them spoken in nearby lounge conversations.  Or I will try a dramatic skit displaying a particular event that I observe while watching activity in the recreation facilities at the motel.  After enjoying my break I find that I am able to view my project from a different perspective, just by spending a few days in a different place.  That new perspective enables me to work with new vigor; I write faster and more clearly than I did before I took my break.  So my tactic is to cure my writer’s block by using a Groupon to stay at a Motel 6 facility where I can do more writing.  It may sound like an oxymoron, but it invariably works like a charm.