Here’s Why You Should Enroll Your Kids in an International School

Parents want nothing more than for their children to get the best education possible. Especially in a time when a lot of the things they can read online can be verifiable only through proper discussions in class and with educators, choosing the best school has never been more imperative. For this reason, a lot of parents are considering lots of factors like education framework and learning environment when deliberating where they should send their kids to school.

Why not send your kids to an international school? Just recently, the Independent Schools Council have reported an increase in demand in international schools in Asia. In Southeast Asia alone, there are about 1,003 English-medium international schools that cater to over 371,500 students. And the most peculiar thing is this demand is coming from the locals themselves and not from expatriate families.

A closer look at international school demand

Let us take, for instance, the international schools in Singapore, particularly the Global Indian International School (GIIS). They are known for their award-winning Cambridge IGCSE’ programme which ascertains that the students are given a holistic education.

So if you are wondering about the reason behind this need for more international schools, it is because of the unique education structure they provide for students. Here are some of the advantages of sending your kids to an international school.

Multicultural learning environment

Obviously, international schools follow an international curriculum, which means they also focus on giving a spotlight on other world cultures. An appreciation for different cultures opens the mind, which is why a lot of travellers recommend going into the world and meeting different people.

When we learn about perspectives other than our own, we are able to analyse the things happening around the world with a learned and empathetic outlook. We are able to work with people from diverse backgrounds and put ourselves in their shoes. And being in an international school puts your child in a unique environment where they can get the opportunity to learn about the differences and similarities of each culture. Not to mention, being exposed to different cultures at an early age will allow your kids to plow through challenges like language barriers.

Countless school activities to develop leadership and communication skills

Part of getting a holistic education is being able to participate in school activities that will allow your kids to apply the theories and ideas they have learnt in class. For this reason, international schools have crafted school activities that will challenge the student’s leadership and communication skills. Some of the activities will teach them about social responsibility, and community and environment care.

Innumerable career opportunities

Because students from international schools have experience working with different cultures, it shows that they can collaborate with people with diverse backgrounds. And one important and obvious reason is because international school students will most likely be multilingual.

Consider these advantages when choosing a school for your children. At international schools you can be confident that they will get nothing short of the best education in the world.

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