PanGu Jailbreak – Download Pangu Jailbreak Tool

This is Pangu Jailbreak Tutorial. Here, you can download PanGu Jailbreak Tool and use it to JB your iOS 7 to iOS 11. Although iOS 10.0.1 has killed the jailbreak, yet a lot of people are still on the older iOS versions that can be jailbroken using the Pangu easily.

But here, I will guide you how you can Jailbreak iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11 with Pangu8, Pangu9 and other PanGu Jailbreak versions.

Download Pangu Jailbreak

You can download Pangu Jailbreak tool by visiting Here, you’ll find free jailbreaking tools for your iOS Apple device. They all are cracked versions and you do not need to do anything critical with these utilities.

Although people are also using tools like u3 tool to Jailbreak their iOS devices. But these kinds of Jail Break tools have no match with Pangu. Therefore, I recommend you Jailbreak tools like Pangu to use at your Apple devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Below is given the simplest way to download and install Pangu in your any iOS device.


  • Use Sufari Browser to jailbreak iOS
  • Download Pangu jailbreak tool
  • Use iOS device such as iPhone, iPod or iPad to Jailbreak
  • Stay connected to the internet

Step by Step Jailbreak:

  • Start Safari Browser in your iOS device
  • Visit the official website of Pangu at
  • Tap on the “Up Arrow” button once the page loads. The button is given below
  • Now tap on the button “Ad to Home Screen” option
  • At last, type “” to make the app appears to your home screen
  • Turn your Safari browser off
  • Finally, locate the PanGu Jail Break app given at the home screen of your iOS device

With aforementioned method, you can Jailbreak your following Apple iOS devices.

  • iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4th generation and later, iPod touch 6th generation and later.
  • Every iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with up to iOS 11.

People are also using Yalu Jailbreak utility to Jailbreak their iOS devices. Because Yalu is also one of the most efficient jailbreaking tools discovered by Luca Todesco – a Chinese developer and famous of his hacking utilities development.

However, you can only use Yalu102 if it is side loaded using Cydia Impactor to work. Only experts can use Yalu as it’s a software for developers. Moreover, it only works with 64-bit devices up to iOS 10.2.0. Therefore, I do not strongly recommend you to try Yalu. You should be consistent on Pangu Utility as its easy, simple and quick. And it does not require any external or third-party app.

I hope you’d have enjoyed the article. If you want to learn more on Pangu jailbreak, or want to download it free, keep visiting us. Best of luck!


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