The Importance of Health & Safety Training

The Safety Maintenance Company is and has been a family business for more than six years. We provide an array of excellent training services for several different industries. Our team possesses an unparalleled level of experience, particularly in the construction and working at height industries. When we started the company, we pooled our expertise to ensure customers get the best out of training. You can expect a group of experienced trainers with plenty of practical knowledge with which to educate your staff. This gives us an added edge over other companies as we always deliver first class service in line with all our clients’ needs. One of the largest training industries we serve is health & safety. Without great health & safety training to support your staff, they could end up seriously injured or worse. Today, we go through the key factors that make health & safety training so important. To learn more, visit us at

Training Can Help Prevent Accidents and Injuries 

Each year, more than 200 people are killed as a result of accidents in the workplace. On top of that, more than a million people seriously injure themselves at work each year. Many of these injuries we can prevent. Moreover, certain working conditions can exacerbate and even cause serious illness. The key to preventing accidental death, injury, and illness in the workplace is health & safety training. This is especially true for the construction and working at height industries, which often involve hazardous working conditions. To protect your employees and ensure full compliance with the Health and Safety Act, we recommend investing in adequate training.

What Should Health & Safety Training Provide? 

Great health & safety training should meet several expectations. Firstly, it should ensure you and your employees do not injure yourselves or become ill as a result of your work. It should also help cultivate a positive culture of health & safety wherein all employees possess an adequate working knowledge of safe working practices. The best training should ensure that these practices become second nature to your staff, allowing them to recognise areas where you can improve health & safety standards. Furthermore, as an employer, it is your legal responsibility to protect your employees and ensure they maintain health & safety standards.

Effective training will also help drive health & safety proficiency for all your staff, ensuring they are more than competent at work. It can also help your business avoid unneeded anguish from avoidable accidents and illnesses. A strong focus on health & safety practices is directly linked to increased profit and can help you avoid unwanted costs from accidents or occupational ill health. If you want to ensure you and your employees work safely and effectively, then health & safety training is a necessity.

What We Can Offer You

We offer a range of training courses in health & safety to suit all your needs. Our expert team can provide training at our training centre or offsite for abrasive wheels, confined space training, harness training, ladders & steps, manual handling, and working at height. Visit our above website to learn more about the training services we offer.

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