Ways To Get Rid Of Mathematics Phobia

Mathematics is the foundation of every scientific and technological discovery. But when we asked some students, what had come to their mind when they heard the word “Mathematics”. They replied fear, hate and many other things. Anxiety of mathematics is a very serious concern because students with the fear of mathematics suffer lack of confidence, affects memory and even causes panic. If you are one among these set of people who fear math, here are some tips that will help you to get rid of this phobia.

Relate Mathematics: When mathematics concepts are taught in class, the best way to do learn is to relate the concepts with real-life examples. For example, “ If you bought six candies, but your father asks you to give half to your cousin, how many would you be left with?”. Another example is, “ If you put two gummy bears in your refrigerator every day, how many would you have at the end of the month?”

Practice Regularly: To help students overcome the phobia of mathematics, ask them to practice the mathematical problems every day. Make the student comfortable with a particular topic before moving on to the next topic. The students should revise the chapters at the end of the week as it will help them to stay updated with their lessons. Parents or teachers can encourage students by giving them small gifts like candies or chocolate for remembering the concepts accurately. To become a master in calculus, one must solve at least 5-6 questions of calculus every day and that is how one can remember all the formulas and definitions.

Encourage them to learn from mistakes: No one is a born genius even great inventors like Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Thomas Alva Edison made tons of mistakes before they actually invented gravity and the bulb. Students should feel that they can make mistakes instead of getting scolded by teachers and parents for their mistakes like incorrect calculations, wrong approach to solve the problems. Instead, the teacher should help the student to learn and analyse his or her mistake.

Summary: Write summary notes of the chapter which has been completed in class. Making a summary of the chapters will help the students to understand the concepts in a better way. Revising the chapters using these summary notes will be very easy during the exam time. Also, make a list of formulas for example formulas of vectors, trigonometric functions etc.

The concepts of mathematics are related to each other and if you lose your track in the beginning, it will be difficult for you to understand the later concepts.

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